FAMTrips.Travel is proud to serve as coordinator of these FAMS or FAM/Seminars offerings. The reservation and application process via our Web site is a simple process as outlined below..

    1. Complete and submit your application electronically from our website.
    2. Or you may print the application below and fax if needed. FAMTrips.Travel prefers to have you submit the application electronically.
    3. Wait for confirmation to arrive by E-MAIL within two business days. You may want to call FAMTrips.Travel to confirm that we received your electronic application. Our phone number is (888) 909-3267 (FAMS).
    4. Mail payment by check to FAMTrips.Travel at address below OR contact FAMTrips.Travel for us to send you a credit card authorization form to pay by credit card after you are confirmed.
    5. Send a copy of your eligibility (TRUE certificate, IATA card, CLIA card or certificate, ARC) You can mail this with payment or fax it to (941) 761-6128.
    6. Consider insuring your familiarization to protect from loss by contacting your trip cancellation insurance provider.

    For further information, email us at famtrips@famtrips.travel or call (888) 909-3267. Limit two agents per agency per each FAM departure.

    1. Complete and submit this application
    Please accurately complete all the requested information and either click the "Submit Application" button below, or print this form out and fax it to (941) 761-6128 or scan and and email to famtrips@famtrips.travel to book your reservation. The best way is to simply fill out the online application form below and submit electronically.

    FAM Information

    Name of FAM:

    Date of FAM:

    Agent Information

    * Name of Travel Agent:

    Agent's Gender:


    *Email Address:

    Agent's Home Address:




    *Home Phone:

    Home Fax Number:

    Name on Passport:

    Passport Number:

    Date of Birth:

    TRUE, IATA, TIDS, CLIA or ARC Number:

    Agent Status: (check all that apply):
    Independent Contractor:


    Companion Information

    Companion's Name on Passport:

    Companion's Passport Number:

    Companion's Date of Birth:

    Companion's Gender:


    Companion Is:

    Non-IndustryTravel Agent

    Companion Citizenship:

    Agency Information

    * Name of Travel Agency:

    Agency Address:




    * Agency Phone Number:

    Agency Fax Number:

    Physical Ability:

    Do you have a handicap or medical need:


    Do you smoke:


    Some FAMS may not have handicap support or may involve strenuous walking conditions. If so, provide details in the comment field about your condition. Non disclosure of your physical ability may restrict you from part or all of FAM activities by our guides and tour group leaders.


    Payment Instructions

    1. Email Confirmation
    Once you have received the FAMTrips.Travel confirmation letter, you will be given the option to pay by credit card or by check in your confirmation letter. If payment is not received in a timely manner (indicated in your confirmation letter), your reservation request will be declined.
    2. Fax
    Full-time agents, part-time agents, outside sales agents and independent contractors must show proof of industry affiliation. Accepted forms of identification are an IATAN ID card, IATAN list, TRUE Photo ID Card, TRUE Certificate, current CLIA photo ID card, CLIA Certificate of host agency with letter from host verifying your eligibility, TIDS ID Card or ARC list. Eligibility requirements vary among suppliers.
    You must fax any of the above to (941) 761-6128.
    3. Mail
    Once you have received FAMTrips.Travel E-Mail Confirmation for your FAM booking then please fax or scan your eligibility to famtrips@famtrips.travel or fax (941) 761-6128. You may mail your eligibility along with your payment if you are paying by check to the address below.
    Please note that a specific number of days is given on your confirmation within which time payment must be received. If you prefer to use credit card for payment, then FAMTrips.Travel will add a 3% fee when we email a credit card authorization form to you (upon your request) to be filled out and faxed or scanned back to FAMTrips.Travel.
    Mail to this address:
    22410 68th Avenue East
    Bradenton, FL 34211

    4. Be Patient
    FAMTrips.TRAVEL E-Mail confirmation within two days of receiving the reservation form.
    5. Insure Your FAM!
    Why take a chance if you have to CANCEL YOUR FAM FOR ANY REASON or if future unforeseen circumstances interferes with the successful completion of any fam you have paid to attend.

    FAMTrips.travel suggests the purchase of trip cancellation insurance. If you do not use a preferred insurance supplier of your own, we suggest the following link to TravelSafe Insurance: TravelSafe Insurance Info

    You will find the words “Get A Quote” in at least two places on this page, and it will take you to a short application page that you can fill out to get a quote. You will need to put in basic details of your trip including the date of your first deposit (OR full payment if this fam requires full payment at one time). We suggest that you click on the CLASSIC POLICY which provides more coverage, and also on the 2nd page, there is an option to Click on a box to say YES to the addition of the “Cancel For Any Reason Optional Rider.”
    This Cancel for Any Reason Rider/ Option will allow you to recover up to 75% cash back if you elect to cancel for any reason up to a week prior to the fam. You must purchase this type of insurance within 21 days of making your first payment on any fam trip for the Cancel for Any Reason Option to be available to you and you must click on the box to add it to your selected policy option.

    You may have a different company that you use for insurance, but PLEASE NOTE the suggested importance of a CANCEL FOR ANY REASON RIDER to be in effect for whatever policy you book. Normally all of our fams are non refundable from time of booking, however under new circumstances due to COVD 19 , we have revised fam cancellation penalties for 2020-2021. For All River Cruise and Yacht Charter Fams, the non refundable policy is still in effect from time of booking and full payment, based upon these fam cruises being non refundable from our supplier agreements. In the instance of AMA Waterways fams, agents may have the opportunity to purchase AMA Waterways “ worry free waiver” to move their sailing date forward if they purchase the waiver at the time of booking only . In the instance of Katarina Lines, agents will be offered the opportunity to have a future travel voucher to travel with a future Katarina Line fam or other Katarina sailing only. New Cancellation policy for LAND BASED ONLY FAMS is:

    From time of booking, until 150 days prior to departure date, penalty is 25% of full payment.
    From 150 days prior to departure until 120 days prior, penalty is 50%
    From 120 days prior to 90 days prior, penalty is 75%
    From 90 days prior to date of departure, penalty is 100%

    Based upon the understanding that Cruise and Land Tour suppliers have the right to offer travel credit for future travel with their companies if, due to unforeseen circumstances such as and including airport shutdowns, border closings, or restricted travel advisories, or if you elect cancel for any reason, it is the responsibility of the traveler/ travel agent to purchase the type of insurance you need to recover the most desirable type of refund. If you are not willing to accept future travel vouchers for a cancellation that may also come about due to no fault of FAMTrips.travel, then by your booking of insurance which offers a CANCEL FOR ANY REASON rider, you can recover up to 75% cash payment for any incurred losses. These policies require that a traveler book this coverage normally within 14-21 days of the date of your initial payment.
    Please be sure NOT to miss this DEADLINE to purchase this type of coverage.

    If you do not elect to purchase this type of coverage, and your trip is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or for those described above, the supplier has the right to offer future travel credit in exchange for cash refund of payment. FAMTrips.travel will strive to rearrange new dates of travel that successfully meet your needs to move your travel program forward so that you can travel with a new group departure over new group dates or for you to be rebooked with individual travel opportunities with the suppliers who are hosting any fam.

    Cancellation Charges and Disclaimer:

    Travel Industry Educational Services (TIES), LLC, DBA FAMTrips.Travel neither guarantees nor insures the service to be provided by any carrier and shall assume no liability for actions beyond its control in connection with the service provided. TIES or FAMTrips.Travel is not responsible or liable for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, accident, delay, non-performance, or any other irregularity or any other consequence resulting from therefrom, which may be occasioned through the neglect, default, or any other action of the company, carrier, or person engaged in carrying out the purpose for which tickets have been issued. Suppliers reserve the right to change, modify or cancel fam programs at any time. We recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance.

    Cancellation penalty periods and link to TravelSafe insurance Classic policy will be stated on the confirmation letter that is emailed to the agent when they are confirmed on the fam. Agents have the right to purchase any other insurance carrier but it is understood that if the agent does not purchase insurance, they are will be held to the penalty percentages noted on their confirmation letter and listed above, and that if for any circumstances the supplier cannot conduct the fam due to no fault of their own, that they have the right to offer future fam date offers or individual fam travel options based upon available dates.

    Travel Industry Educational Services, DBA FAMTrips.travel recommends the timely purchase of trip cancellation insurance including the Cancel for Any Reason rider to cover your FAM payment from loss. ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED IN WRITING. TRIP CANCELLATION INTERRUPTION INSURANCE IS AVAILABLE THROUGH OUR PREFERRED TRIP INSURANCE PROVIDER.

    CLICK HERE TO SECURE YOUR FAM TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE QUOTE. To add the Cancel for Any Reason clause on this policy, you must be clicking on the CLASSIC POLICY and then click on the addition of the “Cancel for Any Reason” rider.

    * Denotes mandatory fields that must be filled out.
    ** If requesting share arrangements, FAMTrips.Travel is not responsible to confirm the agent rate that is based on double occupancy. If we cannot find an agent roommate, then the agent will be required to pay a single supplement if you cannot find your own roommate. FAMTrips.Travel will strive to accommodate your smoking preference. However, if we are unable to place you in a cabin or room of your preference, non-smoking will take precedence.

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